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by Southern Thunder

Southern Thunder first formed in August of 1991 for the purpose of promoting and perpetuating good quality southern style Plains singing. The group wanted to encourage young men and women from their respective tribes to take interest in their own traditional music. Today, six years later, it appears that their original goal is beginning to happen. Young singers are now at the drum, taking part. Not only young men, but also young women are making a real commitment to learn to sing in the Southern Plains tradition. It takes a lot of dedication and many hours of practice to become a good singer, and Southern Thunder is very proud of their young men and women singers who have demonstrated their commitment to learn and continue their tribal traditions into the 21st century.

In this album Southern Thunder presents a variety of songs, both old and new, most of which have never been recorded before. We were privileged to be able to record live at the Citizen Potawatomi Nationís 24th Annual Powwow, and we are grateful to the Powwow Committee and Coordinators Esther Lowden, Carla Whiteman, and Joe Cozad for making this recording possible. We also wish to thank the two MCíS Dean Whitebreast and Stratford Williams for their fine cooperation and help in making this recording. We hope you will enjoy Southern Thunder ó Live!

ó ©1997



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1 Pawnee Song    
2 Intertribal Song    
3 Crystal Pewo Lightfoot's Song    
4 Georgia Tiger's Song    
5 Pawnee Song
Our warriors, what they set out to do, they accomplished.
6 Intertribal Song    
7 Pawnee Song    
8 Pawnee Desert Storm Song
Saddam Hussein, and any dictator like him, will be taken out of power.
9 Pawnee Song
These people are good.
10 Pawnee Song
We think our son is coming. Our son is arriving.
11 Fancy Dance Song    
12 Pawnee Song
Our warriors are praying to the heavens above.
13 Old Pawnee Trick Song    
14 Intertribal Song    
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