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The Sacred Songs of Native American Healing (RED)

The Sacred Songs of Native American Healing (RED)

Songs to Learn By

by Howard Bad Hand

The songs presented are those featured in Howard Bad Hand's book Native American Healing. These songs are typically used in a type of ceremony known as Lowampi (singing), also referred to as a "house ceremony". On this CD, Howard, accompanying himself in three-part harmony, sings more slowly and enunciates the Lakota words of the songs more clearly than would be the case in an actual ceremony. This has been done to assist non-Lakota speakers in learning the songs. The harmonies and tonal qualities of this recording also make it an excellent choice for contemplative or meditative listening.

There is a companion CD where Howard sings the songs normally, as in ceremony. English translations of the songs are included in the CD booklet.

Also see CD: Lakota Sacred Songs as sung in Ceremony.

Also see the related book "Native American Healing".

36:13 minutes 2002



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CATEGORY: Ceremonial

1 Pipe Filling Song  
2 Pipe-Offering Song  
3 Four Directions Song    
4 Great Spirit Song    
5 Personal Sacred Song    
6 Spirit Calling Song    
7 Spirit Entrance Song    
8 Spirit Dancing Song    
9 Spirit Talking Song    
10 Spirit Talking Song    
11 Spirit Responding Song    
12 Spirt Departure Song    
13 Offering Song    
14 Protection Song    
15 Ceremony Completion Song    
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