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Hear My Song, Hear My Prayer

Hear My Song, Hear My Prayer

by Clark Tenakhongva

From the Hopi people of Third Mesa, accomplished singer Clark Tenakhongva's songs capture the gentle Hopi way of life. Prayers of rain, thanksgiving, life's beauty and the harmony of all peoples, these songs accompany the social and ceremonial dances that have enriched the Hopi people for centuries. His evocative, original songs reflect the ancient Hopi vision of life as it continues to endure in the modern world.

58:54 minutes 2003



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CATEGORY: Traditional

1 The First People  
2 From the North and From the West    
3 We Dance In Beauty    
4 Rain    
5 With My Beautful Heart    
6 Gentle Rain    
7 Rainbow Dance Songs    
8 Butterflies  
9 The Purple and Yellow Corn is My Mother    
10 The Frogs are A-Leaping    
11 From the East the Grey Clouds    
12 Let's Go Dance    
13 We're Going Home    
14 Thank You My Fathers    
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