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All Together Here

All Together Here

by Lunar Drive

At Matoska Trading Company, we receive a lot of Native American music. While most of it is very good, to be honest, it really does start to all sound similar after awhile. That's why it is so refreshing to receive new music that has an original sound. All Together Here is the most original Native American album that we've heard in years! Lunar Drive has crafted an extremely cool blend of techno-rap-fusion-dance-spokenword music.

This is not your father's Native American music. You will either love this or hate it. If you like your music to have a traditional Indian sound, then move on… this album is not for you. However, if you are adventurous and tend to like alternative rock sounds, then buy this disc. This album is now in regular rotation in our music list and we listened to it about 20 times the first week we had it. Here's the official blurb…

With a fusion of Native American chants and beats, techno, electronica, hip-hop, and dance music Lunar Drive continue to defy definition on their latest release All Together Here. Listening, you can feel the passion for both music and the heritage of the band members flow though the tracks (three of the four members are Native American). Music tends to relfect band member's influences, thoughts and hopes and Lunar Drive are no different that way. This isn't music meant to simply be the backdrop to a rave or dance party but rather music to think about and learn from.

The album is just about the only place where Lunar Drive can be found "all together" as they live nowhere near each other and never have — Sandy Hoover (principal songwriter/co-vocalist and much more) lives in London, Ed Walknice (vocalist/dancer) resides in Escabana, MI, Reuben Fast Horse (vocalist/dancer) on the Fort Yates Reservation in North Dakota and Rey Cantil (beat poet/MC) in Flagstaff, AZ.

56:20 minutes — ©1999



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1 Fever & Heat  
2 Square World  
3 Green Rainbow  
4 All Eyes Were Stones    
5 I'm In Love with a Navajo Boy  
6 Big Fat Sky    
7 A Great Traditional Word  
8 Virtual Nogales    
9 Way Hey Hey!  
10 Feeling Good    
11 Look at Them    
12 Trees Wave Bye    
13 Fifty Cents  
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