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Pendleton Blanket - Midnight Eyes Robe Pendleton Blanket - Midnight Eyes Robe

This Native American-inspired pattern is a tribute to the creatures of the night. According to Cherokee legend, when the animals and plants were first made they were told to watch and stay awake for seven nights—just as young men sometimes fast and keep awake during their vision quest. Nearly all the animals made it through the first night, but several dropped off to sleep on the second. Each night thereafter, others nodded off until on the seventh night only the owl, the panther and a few more were still awake. These animals were given the power to see and go about in the dark, and to prey on the birds and animals that must sleep at night. The diamonds in this pattern suggest those keen nocturnal eyes that look fearlessly into the darkness and see all. 64” x 80”. Unnapped, felt bound. 82% wool/18% cotton. Dry clean. Made in the USA.

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This pattern is discontinued by Pendleton. We have one available.

7270-952-777  Twin  $269.00 


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