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The Navajos

The Navajos

by Ruth Murray Underhill

A must for every student of the Southwest and fine reading for anyone interested in the history of his country." - American Historical Review

"She has brought together, from an amazing variety of sources, a complete history of The People . . .. In detailing what is known of that history, from the time of the Navajosí appearance in the western hemisphere to the present, she has outlined much of material culture, of social relations and organizations, and of ceremonial life . . . Dr. Underhill has afforded her readers gimpses of what was, whit is, and even of what is to be." - Alice Marriott, Western Folklore

"All in all, this is a splendid piece of integrationís. Dr. Underhill juxtaposes material from archaeology with quotations from published or unpublished myths in such a way that both sets of data are illuminated." - Clyde Kluckhoh, Pacific Historical Review

"No one will challenge her authority in descriptions of the cultural values and contributions of these Indians, and of their struggle today to maintain their economy in the face of encroachments of modernity. A fine book for all interested in American Indian history, the growth of the West, and the problems of dependent peoples . . .. Highly recommended." - Library Journal

"A useful, well-written, and readable history of the Navaho." - American Anthropologist

"Here is the story of the Navajo tribe from their first appearance in the Southwest down to the present - an account as fascinating and absorbing as a fast-reading novel . . .. For information on the Navajos, for delightful reading about an unusual and wonderful people, The Navajos is definitely top-shelf." - New Mexico

304 pp ó ©1983



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ISBN: 0806118164
CATEGORY: Tribes - Navajo
March 1983
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