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Beauty, Honor, and Tradition

Beauty, Honor, and Tradition

The Legacy of Plains Indian Shirts

by Joseph D. Horse Capture

To the Plains Indians of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, elaborately decorated hide shirts were symbols of bravery earned only by the most courageous of warriors. Those who had met the enemy in battle or slipped undetected into enemy camps to capture horses were awarded shirts specifically created to honor the wearer and the heroic deeds associated with him. Made from the skins of elk, deer, or mountain sheep, these spectacular garments were adorned with porcupine quills, paint, ribbons, locks of hair, and glass beads. Believed to hold intrinsic spiritual power, these shirts continue to play a large part in American Indian society today. Symbolizing honor, courage, and ancestral tradition, they are worn by tribal leaders at powwows and earned by students according to their academic and athletic accomplishments.

Beauty, Honor, and Tradition, a traveling exhibition organized by the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, presents a new perspective on these garments, their creation and history, and their place in the cultures of the Plains Indian tribes. Through photographs and detailed descriptions of fifty-three representative shirts crafted from the 1820s to the 1990s, this book explores the complex relationship between the shirts, their makers, and their wearers. Throughout the text the voices of individual Plains Indians speak of the personal and cultural significance of these magnificent garments.

This is by far the best book published on Plains Indian shirts. Some of the shirts have been well documented in other publications, but this is the first time so many incredible shirts have been shown in one book in glorious full color and in large format. An absolutely incredible resource. Best material culture book published in the past few years. Add one to your library today! We certainly have.

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159 pp ~ illustrated 2001



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ISBN: 0816639477
CATEGORY: Material Culture
July 2001
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